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A common personal name which was used as a futures trading site or business blog (and a great email address) registered in year 2001 is owned by David an internet entrepreneur for more than two-decades. Go-Here to puchase Another great name and acronym too is with enhanced value by a well-aged 1998 registration date. Go Here to Buy KEN

davidgreen   davidgreen domain name

You may be curious about purchasing domain name a short and easily pronouncable high-value dot-com which can be a great potential brand.

Here are some UP-niche related reported domain-name sales: 50,000 USD 20,000 USD 18,209 USD 15,000 USD 14,900 USD 14,080 USD 13,199 USD 11,500 USD 11,000 USD 10,100 USD 7,740 USD 7,000 USD 6,500 USD 6,200 USD 5,000 USD 3,949 USD and other sales.

As you can see this word niche and concept is extemely popular. WinUp also gets regular internet traffic. The term WinUp is also associated with computer software category including WINdows UPgrade. WINUP also has potential usage in trading the markets, casino, wagering, gambling, daytrading, money, investing, crypto currency, bitcoins, brandable or an acronym. You can buy here

In addition, (registered in year 2002) is an Instein family name and later became a typo for "Albert Einstein" who developed his "Special Theory of Relativity" E = mc2 in year 1905. In fact, today Google may substitute and give "Einstein" search-results for "Instein" when doing an Instein Search.

Keep in mind, first-name last-name domains are always in demand but there's little public sales data available as such sales may be under NDA's. Values can be based on how commonplace a persons name is, with common names at high prices. You can check all "David Green" name search results in Google by clicking-here.

For example, another common first name/last name registered in 2000) seems to have sold April 2017 for as much as Frank Schilling's buy-it-now price which was $188,000 at time of domain name sale.

FYI, its been said domain-name sold in 2015 for $100,980. Some oher "personal name domains" which recently sold for substantial amounts of money were,, and P.S. Buy or make offers on any name featured on this page by following the links.

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